Our Team

The Pioneer Principal Investigator
Gender Mainstreaming Office was a product of pioneering and selfless efforts of the founding Principal Investigator, Professor Abiola Odejide. She was the PI of the Gender Mainstreaming Programme from 2007, until her retirement in September, 2011. She rose through the ranks to become a Professor of Communication and Language Arts. She also served the University in many capacities- the first female to rise to the post of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), University of Ibadan. 
                             Prof. Abiola Odejide (The Pioneer PI, Gender Mainstreaming Programme)

Professor Abiola Odejide was succeeded by Prof. Stella Odebode, a Professor in the Department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development.  She assumed the position of the Focal Person of the Gender Mainstreaming Office with effect from December, 2011 and served meritoriously till October 2018 when she proceeded on sabbatical leave.

                          Prof. Stella. O. Odebode (The 2nd Focal Person/Coordinator)


The current Focal Person/Coordinator of the Gender mainstreaming office is:

 Professor Olapeju O. Aiyelaagbe, the first female Professor of Organic Chemistry in the University of Ibadan.

                               Prof. Olapeju O. Aiyelaagbe - Current Focal Person/Coordinator



                              Mr, O.A Fagbemijo - Higher Executive Officer (In charge of Administration)


The University of Ibadan is committed to the attainment of gender equity. To this end, the University shall stimulate and nurture a gender friendly space to ensure the integrity and dignity of staff, students, service providers and other members of the university community.

The University’s Gender Policy provides an institutional framework for all programmes and projects so that all stakeholders in the community can benefit from the initiative. It provides the bench- mark by which the laws governing the institution, relations between members of the university community, its activities in research, teaching, resource mobilization, welfare services and community involvement will be evaluated. The Gender Policy shall apply to, all staff of the University, all students of the University, all contractors of and service providers, all visitors to the University and other groups of persons in the University, including but not limited to children, wards, and other dependants of staff.



The University shall cultivate and maintain a working and learning environment that reflects respect for the dignity of all members of its community, thereby stimulating and supporting an environment free of sexual harassment.

The University is committed to ensuring a safe space for members of the community – students, staff, service providers and all persons through clearly stated policies and guidelines that shall inform the conduct of personal, professional and corporate activities on its campus.

The University considers any act of sexual harassment as gross violation of the fundamental human rights of the victim and academic freedom in the case of students. Such actions affect the integrity of the University culture, and serve as potential threats to the attainment of academic excellence and institutional goals. The University is therefore committed to eliminating every form of sexual harassment and dealing promptly and decisively with all reported cases.

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